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Price Increase

Over the last few years our costs have increased due to changes in supply chain and raw materials cost. We have done our best to absorb as many of these costs for as long as we could but now find the need to increase our prices.  

Minimum Order Change

The minimum for WhiteStar™ Yeast orders is now $100.00 USD. Any customers looking to purchase smaller amounts as a trial may do so through LiquorQuik™ at

Distilling Questions?

Please Note: We are primarily a custom packager of imported craft distilling yeast, and a manufacturer of proprietary & custom fermentation nutrients, finings and spirit extracts. We no longer offer whiskey distillery consulting services. If you need a whiskey consultant, we can refer you to an experienced specialist. Our expertise is FMB (flavored malt beverages), sugar vodkas and rum. The sales & tech dept can answer brief emails (usually within 48 hours), or schedule a brief call by appointment.

Order Desk:
Commercial Sales & Tech Help:

WhiteStar™ Yeast is a Winemakeri Inc. Company. Please Note: We have a $100.00 USD NET minimum order before any shipping charges are added. We also have a USD $1000.00 maximum order. If you wish to place a larger order please contact our orderdesk directly at 902-864-0100.


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